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"music for people who aren't in a hurry but seek to inbibe at the well of good taste and style.." Minor 7th Guitar Reviews 

Check out Bill's latest recording, The Back of Beyond. This recording pays homage to Bill's Smoky Mountain heritage with brand new acoustic guitar compositions, plus a stirring cover of Piazzolla's "Milonga del Angel". Go to the CDs and Tabs page to get your copy today.
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”A soft touch and heavy groove, combined with an advanced sense of harmony, results in a highly unique and engaging sound." - Acoustic Guitar Magazine


Best Soundtrack Award! Secrets of the Nolichucky River

Congrats to the producers, researchers and all who worked on this film. Out of 800 films, their Tennessee production took top honors.  Click here for Awards list.  

The Archaeology Channel International Film & Video Festival, in Eugene, OR

The Archaeology Channel International Film & Video Festival, in Eugene, OR

Music City Roots: Cherokee Morning Song


Acoustic Guitar Magazine - Best Acoustic Albums of 2010
”A soft touch and heavy groove, combined with an advanced sense of harmony, results in a highly unique and engaging sound that is on the quieter side of fingerstyle.”  (Teja Gerken, Sr. Editor)
Guitar International – (Matt Warnock, 2011) “From a technical level, Mize’s playing is absolutely world-class, but it is his diversity and ability to focus on the melody, rather than chops, that really helps his music hit home with listeners."

Vintage Guitar Magazine (2011) -  “Mize proves it takes more than just chops to be great.”

Knoxnews – Best CDs of 2010 (Wayne Bledsoe, 2010) Bill is a fingerstyle guitarist who creates some of the sweetest creations in instrumental music. His music is all about subtlety and nuance. Listen casually and you'll be hooked. Listen close and you'll be wowed.” 

Minor 7th Reviews – (James Filkins, 2010)  “Sixty seconds in you know this player has full command of the wood and steel in his hands! ... you just don't want it to end and when it does there is a sense of satisfaction and the notion that you have just experienced something sublime…. Bill Mize is a player's player who has produced another acoustic gem!”

Vintage Guitar Magazine (1998) - “An amazing touch, killer tone and a sense of taste that can't be beat."

Acoustic Guitar Magazine (Dale Miller) "...Mize's tone is lovely and his technique is state-of-the-art. He combines form and substance to create music so sublime and accessible I was almost sighing out loud.”
Dirty Linen Magazine (Stephen Ide) - "... To call Mize guitar maestro would be understating his ability to transport listeners beyond what most guitarists can only hope to accomplish."

Fingerstyle Guitar News, Canada – (Dave Walker, 2010) “One of the best guitarists around.”
Digital Dream Door - 100 Greatest Acoustic Guitar Albums of all Time, #36

All Music Guide ~ (Marc Castellani) “Gorgeous and compelling”.
Metropulse – (Matthew Everett, 2010) Mize’s playing rises above the usual guitar-nerd chops showcases by being, from start to finish, nothing but pretty.”




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The National Parks: America's Best Idea

Ken Burns' classic PBS series about the mission, spirit and history of the National Parks.



National Parks Sounds Experience by Orange Tree Productions

Orange Tree records soundscapes and donates a percentage of each music CD sale to the preservation of our national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.



Secrets of the Nolichucky

Secrets of the Nolichucky River investigates a buried Native American village in upper East Tennessee that may may hold the key to a missing link in Cherokee history.  This films took top honors at the 2018 Archaeology Channel International Film Festival, including best music.



Mystery of George Masa

The Mystery of George Masa details the life of Masahara Izuka, (AKA George Masa) a Japanese immigrant who came to the Southern Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina in 1915, where he focused his camera and his passions on preserving the beauty of the wilderness he discovered.


Horace Kephart: His Life and Legacy

Horace Kephart captured early 1900s mountain life and natural features with vivid depictions, inspiring the formation of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.